Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tru Blood Love

Maybe it's just that time of year, but for some reason, my inner Vampire is crying out.  I can completely understand the Twilight clan living in Washington.  It is the perfect home for the shadow lovers.  I have to admit, while I lived in South Carolina, much closer to the home of the Tru Blood Coven.  I was indeed burnt by the constant SUN (I was melting).  Being a lover of all things Gothic and Vampire related I thought I would share with you my top 10 most magnificent Vampires.
Here is my top 10 list.
Deadliest VampireVlad the Impaler
Creepiest - Count Orlok (Nosferatu)

Sexiest Vampire - Eric Northman
Tween Heart Throb - Edward Cullen

Bewitching Beautiful - Sonja
Most Human - Stephan Salvatore

Most Romantic - Bill Compton
Lady Killer - Aiden Turner

Loneliest -Louis de Pointe du Lac
Cutest - Count von Count
   There you have it.  I am sure there are LOTS more worthy and aspiring Vampires out there.  Perhaps my list shall grow, until then, be-careful who you invite into your home. *Wink*