Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes it's nice to disappear.

Today was part productive, part chaos, and a whole lot of throwing my hands up in the air.  After this crazy day, I decided to steal some well deserved quiet time.  I have tucked myself into my happy place, and have a crystal dish of fresh hazelnut gelato.  With each sweet creamy bite, my tensions seem to melt away.  This is hazelnut heaven.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Care and Cleaning of your Classic Keepsakse Jewelry

All Classic Keepsakes fashion jewelry is hand crafted and delicate. The metals used are sterling silver.  14kgold filled.  Sterling Silver plated.  Antique Brass.  Gun Metal.  and Copper.  Each crystal is individually set . As a result, special care is required.

- Store your jewelry in the original packaging or a soft pouch to avoid scratches.
- Polish your jewelry frequently with a soft cloth to maintain its original, lustrous finish.
- Remove jewelry before washing hands, swimming, and/or applying products (e.g., perfume, hairspray, soap, or lotion), as this could harm the metal and reduce the life of the plating, as well as cause discoloration and loss of crystal brilliance.
- Put on jewelry last when dressing and take off first when undressing.
- Avoid contact with water as can loosen settings.
- Avoid hard contact (i.e., knocking against objects) that can scratch or chip the crystal.
- Avoid contact with chemicals.
Should your piece need cleaning, I recommend using luke warm water and a mild dish washing soap.  Pat the piece dry with a lint free cloth, and set aside to fully air dry before storing.  There are some nice sterling silver cleaners.  Due to the delicate nature of gemstones, pearls, and crystals, I do not recommend using sterling cleaners.  If  you have no choice, I would suggest sending the piece to me for cleaning.  I do not charge to clean your piece.  All you pay is shipping to and from my studio.

If you have any questions, please contact me at classickeepsakes@live.com.

Have a great weekend!  and Sparkle on!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Twitter Tips

What is the most important thing you can learn about Twitter??

When you Tweet, who sees it? 

Sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many tweeters don't know! Knowing who will see your tweet will help make sure your tweets get the most impact. My oldest and I have little contests to see how many clicks we can get on an item with our tweets. Pinterest works around the same concepts.

If you sent a tweet without any tagging, only your followers will see it.

If you send a tweet from Etsy's Button - your followers, and anyone watching @etsy will see it. (so usually other etsy sellers)

As soon as you add a #hashtag to something you can increase the amount of people that will see your tweet. #hashtags are the most important thing to add to your tweets. Even with no followers, if you add popular #hashtags, millions of people will see your tweet.

Every shop will have different #hashtags that will attract the most potential buyers. You can play around with this yourself, or if you would like some help coming up with some trendy #hashtags, let me know. 

Here are a few generic Etsy Shop #hastags that seem to do well.

#handmade #art #vintage #etsy 

Adding a theme helps too like #steampunk #shabbychic #frenchcountry #style #trendy #gifts #mothersday

I hope you find this helpful!!   

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tru Blood Love

Maybe it's just that time of year, but for some reason, my inner Vampire is crying out.  I can completely understand the Twilight clan living in Washington.  It is the perfect home for the shadow lovers.  I have to admit, while I lived in South Carolina, much closer to the home of the Tru Blood Coven.  I was indeed burnt by the constant SUN (I was melting).  Being a lover of all things Gothic and Vampire related I thought I would share with you my top 10 most magnificent Vampires.
Here is my top 10 list.
Deadliest VampireVlad the Impaler
Creepiest - Count Orlok (Nosferatu)

Sexiest Vampire - Eric Northman
Tween Heart Throb - Edward Cullen

Bewitching Beautiful - Sonja
Most Human - Stephan Salvatore

Most Romantic - Bill Compton
Lady Killer - Aiden Turner

Loneliest -Louis de Pointe du Lac
Cutest - Count von Count
   There you have it.  I am sure there are LOTS more worthy and aspiring Vampires out there.  Perhaps my list shall grow, until then, be-careful who you invite into your home. *Wink*