Thursday, March 1, 2012

Twitter Tips

What is the most important thing you can learn about Twitter??

When you Tweet, who sees it? 

Sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many tweeters don't know! Knowing who will see your tweet will help make sure your tweets get the most impact. My oldest and I have little contests to see how many clicks we can get on an item with our tweets. Pinterest works around the same concepts.

If you sent a tweet without any tagging, only your followers will see it.

If you send a tweet from Etsy's Button - your followers, and anyone watching @etsy will see it. (so usually other etsy sellers)

As soon as you add a #hashtag to something you can increase the amount of people that will see your tweet. #hashtags are the most important thing to add to your tweets. Even with no followers, if you add popular #hashtags, millions of people will see your tweet.

Every shop will have different #hashtags that will attract the most potential buyers. You can play around with this yourself, or if you would like some help coming up with some trendy #hashtags, let me know. 

Here are a few generic Etsy Shop #hastags that seem to do well.

#handmade #art #vintage #etsy 

Adding a theme helps too like #steampunk #shabbychic #frenchcountry #style #trendy #gifts #mothersday

I hope you find this helpful!!   

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