Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things we need to know - even if we kinda don't want to.

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Social Networking and why we NEED it.

A year ago if you had asked me what Twitter was, I would have answered, “The sound a bird makes?  Of course.”  Obviously, I have learned a lot since then.  

Almost every day one of my followers will ask me questions about twitter, how to get more followers, how it all works.  For a while, I thought I should write a how to guide about things you can do to create the best social network for you!  But let’s be honest.  No one likes to read how to books, and I am a much better helper then I am author.  

So I decided my blog would be a good place to give out information that can help people grow their network and their business at their own pace.  Not to mention, I could get questions and ideas about what it is that people really need help with.  Well, that is my plan.  With that, I bid you a wonderful night, and promise you tons of useful stuff in the near future!!!!   (they tell you never to do that in blogs – Shhhhh)

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