Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moving On.....

I have been so busy!  I am moving across the country this weekend.  I am headed to Seattle from South Carolina.  For those of you that have been around a while, you know I am from Seattle, so this is a sweet homecoming for me.  The evergreens, the morning mists, and the view from anywhere you stand…..  I have missed you all so.  I don’t know of anywhere else in the world that is so beautiful, and has such diverse landscape and culture.  Maybe I am biased….maybe.

I can’t say that South Carolina isn’t beautiful.  With its warm climate and spectacular storms, it creates one of the loveliest backdrops to the most amazing American History.  If you haven’t been to South Carolina, then you haven’t seen America.  

I will miss South Carolina very much.  I will truly miss the people and their warmth.  When I moved here, I was taken in, and a newcomer, and a northerner, and treated in true southern style as a friend, and part of the family.  Here I have forged one of the best friendships of my life, and for that, I leave a part of my heart and will always be a Carolina Girl.

Don’t worry, even though my shop has been closed, I have been hard at work.  I had my first profession Photo Shoot.  I will have pictures and more details soon.  Believe me when I say - Hold on to your hats….. This will be good!!! 

Not only that, but as usual, I have been sniffing out new and better ways to get yourself noticed and get some more traffic to your shop!!  Believe me when I say, Etsy sellers ARE Etsy buyers.  I know this first hand, my wish list on Etsy is LONG!!!  It may seem at times to be counterproductive, but, the busier my shop gets….the more I have to shop with!  This, I like, Very much!!!!!!  Packing – my WHOLE house, not so much.  

I hit the road in a few short days and will be blogging to you next from the West Coast.  Don’t forget me when I’m gone……
je t'aime

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