Monday, July 4, 2011

Game of Thrones

Once a quiet and meek child, we watched Daenerys Targaryen grow from a shy obedient sister, to a true warrior queen.  
 I have to admit, the ending of season one “game of thrones”, was bitter sweet.  We saw the loss of so much true love, and evil has its cold grasp on the realm.  Regardless of the heartbreaking ending, I can only hope that there is a world of hurt heading towards the Lannister’s, lead by the true Khaleesi 
This may be a picture of the actress, but these are the pictures that is burned into our minds.


I was impressed to see the explosive growth of the main characters in this season.  They are all different than they were just a few episodes ago.  It is exciting to watch and wonder what is in store for us next.
 “Fire cannot kill a Dragon.” 

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