Monday, August 22, 2011

Scents and Senses

First of all, I want to assure you, despite the fact that I don't have any pictures to adorn this post.  It's really me.  I am coming to you tonight from my laptop.  This is usually a place of calm, a place of serenity.  I don't do business here.... this is my haven.  This is where I come to when I want to get away. 

I know I made a blog post
a while back about "Girl Baths".  They are a ritual of mine that I have passed on to my daughter.  I don't know how many of you understand or even have similar rituals.  But this is time that I hold very dear.  I soak in a warm bath......I add the oils that I like.  I use only the best quality soaps, shampoos and lotions.  It's time to cleanse my spirit of the days stresses. I clear my mind of all my daily trials.  I open up to new and creative thoughts and dreams.  I guess it is as close to a meditation time that I ever get.  I really allow myself to completely relax and reflect.

Tonight, as I lay in the piping hot water, surrounded by what I consider my personal luxuries I realized something.  Lately there have been some changes in my house.  I am struggling with how to say this without getting to personal.  The sweet scents that bring me my personal serenity, are beckoning me to sleep.

Perhaps another night I can share with you some of the amazing things I have learned about myself, and the scents I surround myself in.  Until then.  Good Night Sweet Ones.  Be safe, be strong, and sleep well.

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