Monday, May 2, 2011

Game of Thrones

I tried really hard to write about something practical.  About A program to help you manage your social networking accounts or even some new programs to keep your business in order….but I have to tell you….. In all honesty… My mind has been on the new HBO series – The Game of Thrones. 

I know this catapults me into a new level of geek dome  that some of you weren’t aware existed.  But it is now that I choose to tell you that with all that is going on with your small business….life goes on.  Don’t miss out.  Your Children may be asking to have their name changed to Caliesee.  (don’t ask)   

I blame my daughter, and her imagination.  I blame the way she talks to me and it all makes sense.  I blame the story tellers and their infectious tongues, and how they weave a web of tales so tightly you feel like you are there living among the characters.  I know if I had time to read books, I would have been long lost to them. However, my time is lost in Sunday night story's before bedtime.  Them ones my kids climb in bed to watch with me.  I am weak.  Weak to the fantasy and mystery that stories like this tell.  Congratulations HBO.  You have me and my children held captive from week to week. Watching each story over to make sure not to miss a subtle hint.....  I suppose we are the Game of Thrones.

With that said.......every job comes some down time – some of which you can choose to use to your shops advantage!!!!  I am unveiling a new line of dragon egg talismans this week.  Stay tuned!!!!
Life is to short……game on.

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