Thursday, May 5, 2011

I hate photography.

I love my job, but I hate photography.  However - More and more, online business IS a photography driven media.  Of course it is - I don’t know why I would have ever thought different.  We are the new catalog of the world.  Only – we create the product but don’t know how to take pictures. 
I have stumbled through Etsy tutorials, I have a nice camera, I play with lights, papers, stones, wood…..  Thankfully for the most part, people say my pictures are ok…..  And most people, that would be great.  Not me…. I want them to be amazing – I want to be the shop that everyone wants on their team.  I have no idea why this bothers me so much, my business has been increasing every month – but for some reason – this picture thing is eating at me.
So today, (I have to admit) ….  I bought a light box that I can’t afford.  WTF am I thinking!!!  (sorry for my PG readers)    I was wondering that and I typed my PayPal password in and sent the payment. 
To make it all worse, I wanted the one that was 2 times as much.  If this one doesn’t make me a photographic superstar, next month I will be buying the more expensive box. 

I am asking myself over and over, is my shop a business, or so sort of game, and I am playing and trying to paw my way to the winners circle.  That has yet to be determined.  I do know I love making sparkly things.  Every day I my mail box is like a Christmas tree containing treasures beyond my wildest dreams.  I know I get to live my life, and weave all of those experiences into every piece of jewelry I make.  What I can’t answer is why more than half of my inventory is sitting in pretty velvet boxes and not listed on my Etsy site.  This is the “monkey” on my back.  

Before I sign off for the night – I have to dive into a little fantasy – for without it, we would all be stuck in reality – UGH.  Game of Thrones this week – A war is brewing, and I love the people on both sides.  This will not end well for someone.  I fear the winners to be the current holders of the Throne.  But anyone that watches, can’t help but love our beloved Khaleesi (Queen)
PS – I tried making some awesome dragon eggs and they caught fire and blew up…… I never give up.  Fear not – there are some amazing Talismans’ in our future.


  1. I hear you with the photography! One of my biggest challenges...
    I wonder if photography sellers on etsy hate photography? lol

  2. I know "Sellers" hate photography!!! I think we need to convince the photographers that they could make some serious money if they make friends with the rest of us!!!!

  3. I hate the light box......big surprise >.<

  4. Find a local teen interested in photography and ask him or her to shoot for you...try the library photo club...I bet you could find interest there. By the way love your jewerly!