Sunday, May 8, 2011

This seemed like an appropriate topic for Mother’s Day.
I am not sure when these became a staple in my life, or even if I came up with the name or concept myself.  But, for years now, the “Girl Bath” has been a huge part of my life.  

A Girl Bath, in case you don’t know… is a time you are able to go into your bath – door locked for as long as you like – with any or all of the following niceties ….. Soft music, candles, sweet bath soaps, salts, oils.  HOT water, fresh towels, rose or other flower petals and perhaps a glass of wine, juice, a skinny margarita – whatever floats your boat….  Soon to be followed by a fluffy robe – amazing lotions and potions…..  And slipping quietly, and undisturbed into a bed made with fresh linens.  (What happens after that depends on what kind of mood you are in after your Girl Bath)  Believe me; men are hoping you have a little spark.

My quest for the perfect Girl Bath has determined homes that have been purchased.  How chores are divided up.  Night time Duties with small children, and far more then I would like to admit to at this time.  To my friends that know me….. Insert look of shame here.

Believe me when I tell you, EVERY woman needs Girl Baths.  The frequency depends entirely upon you.  Some may require a nightly respite.  While others are happy with one weekly or even…..please help me….Monthly.

In honor of Mother’s Day – I received a LARGE bag from Bath and Body Works, that included more fragrances then one could smell in a month.  My poor son only lasted about 3 minutes before he asked if he could please sit on the bench outside…. (I found it comical that they just happen to have one there).  My daughter on the other hand, wanted to know why they didn’t have carts…. She is her Mother’s Daughter.  I am just glad she was there to shop for me…. (LOL)

Honestly though – This is a call to men across the globe.  Shop on Etsy for All your soap – Lotions and Potions!!!  Girl Bathers everywhere will thank you.  While, I can’t complain about my more than ample Mother’s Day gift….. I am on Etsy right making sure I have my necessities for my Bath tomorrow night – Those Dang Southern Thunderstorm have ruined my chances for one tonight …..
Have a Happy Mother’s Day all!


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