Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back to the Grind

Social Networking - Marketing
I know it is easy to sit back and say – BAH – this is too much work.  But is it really?  If you could increase your sales by 50-90%, would it be worth the work?   Don’t get me wrong.  This is not an infomercial, and I am not going to make you a millionaire.  (But if I did, I take checks, cash and paypal – HA )  If you are selling dirty ole sneakers, then Oscar the Grouch may be your only customer.  But if you have a saleable product, you price your product appropriately; this will help your business grow. 

Long story short, to compete online today, you HAVE to do this.  Is it too much work?  It is work, but this is your business, and work is a part of it.  Start small, schedule 15 min a day to what will become your social network/marketing time.  Maybe just after your morning coffee, when you are fresh and full of energy….lol (yeah right)    Once you get the hang of it, it becomes addicting, and is most definitely worthwhile.

Jumping off my soap box and giving you probably one of the coolest websites out there to track your shop.  AND IT IS FREEEE !!  Go there, sign up, add etsy and your analytics and TAH DAH.  Your shops views in an easy to read format.  LOVE IT.  I check it 20 times a day……before noon.  Start watching what people are looking at in your shop.  Are there favorites?  When you relist items, is there a time of day that you get more views?  And how much are you making (Gross) each month.  Pretty cool stuff.
I am going to leave you with that, because you will spend the next hour or so looking at all the info on Craftopolis.  I will be back soon with the next step to …..hmm, I don’t know that I have a catch name for this yet…Well, I will have more advice soon.
I feel like Dr. Lara =D


  1. Great tip! I went to craftopolis and it looks like you NEED to have an etsy account. Any tips for non-etsy sellers?

  2. Anyone can use Google Analytics. It is a great resource to watch your internet traffic. It has graphs and other helpful tools.

    Stay tuned, I started with a lot of Etsy tips, because that is where I started, but I have lots of information for any business, online or off.

  3. Great post!
    I hope to start up a business when my baby is little bit older..
    Tips like these are great motivation :)