Friday, March 11, 2011

Marilyn Monroe - Why Sparkle?

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved Marilyn Monroe.  I don’t know if it was her smile, her blond hair, or the sparkle in her eye.  I just know that to me, she was perfect.  She didn’t wear a lot of big jewelry, but she sparkled.  I wanted to be just like her.

Of course, I grew up the normal kid.  I didn’t stand out.  I blended.  When Madonna hit the music scene, I saw that same sparkle.  I know this dates me …..  But if you don’t have a badge, I am 29.  I bleached my hair; I bought as much jewelry as I could wear and then some.  I decided sparkle was in the way you carried yourself, the way you saw yourself.   The best way to sparkle is to be yourself, and in my head….I was Marilyn Monroe, Madonna was a nice excuse to dye my hair and wear a lot of makeup.  Truth is, the hair and makeup didn’t matter, and all that mattered was what was right for me.  I left the beige world, and decided to make my own way.  I know that most people have moments like this in their lives, this was mine.

Anyone can sparkle.  I blended, because I chose to.  Then one day, I decided to Sparkle.    As long as I feel like I sparkle, I do, whether anyone else sees it or not.  I know I quote Marilyn Monroe a lot on Twitter.  She had a lot to say, it was all pretty cool if you ask me.  My Favorite however is this….. “Imperfection is beauty, beauty is madness. It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous then absolutely boring.”  A wonderful Artist on Etsy made this amazing painting for me. Artistico   I have it hanging in my studio right in front of my designing table.

 What an amazing way to live your life.  I think we all need to do a little more Sparkling. Or – another amazing quote…..

"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle."
- Marilyn Monroe 

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