Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Break from Social Networking.

I am so excited.  I have been going to antique shops with my daughter about once a week.  We peruse through the isle looking at all these things that used to be someone’s treasures.  We have gotten wonderful things, from old post cards, and books, to long white gloves, and a cotton baby’s gown.

A few weeks back, we found a dish of these amazing glass orbs.  They were cracked and sparkled like we couldn’t believe. 
Of course, being the lover of all things sparkly it didn’t take much convincing for me to add them to our days finds.  Since then, I was able to find the man that consigned the vintage glass.  He had a whole collection!!!  Last week, he was kind enough to bring them by the shop.  I fell in love instantly.  Not only with how beautiful they all were, but the history, and the care he took with them all.  They have been so well loved.  After chatting a while, he offered me part of his collection……I was so excited, and flattered.  I told him what I had done with the last pieces, and he was impressed.  I only had 2 more!  I think he found comfort in the fact that something he had spent so much time on, and treasured, had become so many other people’s treasures.

The good news is….. I have big plans for some of the vintage glass I bought from him.  They will be featured in my shop, and I think you will like some of the ways I have used them.  The bad news is…..I am now addicted to these amazing pieces myself.  A lot have been set aside for myself >.<   Especially the one of a kind pieces.  Maybe someday I will make something out of them, but for now, they are amazing light catchers in my dreaming studio.

PS….. Part of the collection will set off sensitive Geiger counters, but I have been assured that they are considered completely harmless and safe >.>   My daughter started a facebook post about it and had over 100 replies in a few hours.  LOL They are excited to see her necklace when I am done =)  Of course I will share it with you too!!

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