Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playing with Twitter

Ok, by now you all have a twitter account and are sitting on twitter.com thinking…..what next?
Your next step is to find your target tweeters.  I can speak for Etsy sellers and say that Etsy sellers are the best Etsy Buyers.  So start looking for Etsy shops on twitter.

 For other online sellers, ask yourself, who is your competition?  What companies do you strive to be like?  That is where you want to start.  

This may seem a little cloak and dagger, but, you want to see who is following your competition, and, you want to follow those people!!  This will increase the chance that they will notice you too.  It is kind of like a Purse salesman setting up shop outside a Coach Retail store.  People shopping at Coach, will walk by and notice him too.  

I am currently not publicly endorsing any auto follow twitter tools, but if you google search “Twitter followers free”  there are a lot of programs out there to help you start following people that are either in your industry or interested in it.  Choose your search words carefully as most of these are free trials, and will end after you get X# of followers.  

Example:  Etsy Shops – Follow tweeters with keyword ETSY. 
Also, follow back anyone that follows you.  If you don’t, they may not follow for long!!  There are certain protocols to any social situation, social media is no exception.  Remember, you are the new chicks on the block.  Tweet Carefully.  There are rules of conduct.  Until you feel strong in your presence on twitter, make sure to mind your manners!

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