Saturday, April 9, 2011

Twitter - continued.....

Hi there fellow tweeters.  I am very proud of your progress; by now you have created an account, started tweeting, sent some follows and have some followers.  Now it’s time to graduate!!!  

What is next?  I’ll tell ya, a great program to help you manage and watch the twitter world.  Best of all, it is FREE.  We all love free.  Well, I love free >.>  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of programs you can get to help you manage your Twitter account.  But for now, watch your pennies.  This one is awesome.  Download the desktop version of tweetdeck from  If you have an Iphone or android, you can grab those too!

Once you have tweetdeck, enter your info, and create your columns.  It’s like the stock market.  Depending on your business, you will be watching different things.  

But don't worry, you aren't out there alone.  Everyday, thousands of companies are right there with you.  We are all learnging about this new way to market ourselves.  You are a front runner - A pioneer!  Congratulations to you for taking these steps!

Now that you have tweetdeck, create the columns that best suit your shop!  Everyone needs to watch their mentions, and direct messages.  Beyond that, I recommend for etsy sellers to watch #Etsy and @etsy.  For non-etsy sellers, think of what your niche is, and start to watch them – you might have to play around a little.  It’s good to watch your competitions tweets and see where they are posting them.  #whereeveryourcompetionposts  =D

That said, mind your twitter manners.  There is etiquette to Twitter.  You will need to spend more time tweeting others then yourself.  Make sure you always say thank you to anyone that Retweets your tweets!  Don’t tweet more then 2 times an hour.  If you flood twitter, it turns people off and they will stop reading your tweets.  Now go out there and make some friends!  Retweet things you like!!   People will notice you retweeting them and will in turn start to retweet you! 

Making these new friends is what is creating your "Social Network".  In just a few short steps, you are there.  Working on your own social network.  Believe it or not, this is fun and exciting.  I have made great connections, and life long friends.  The best people in the world to have as friends are people that are just like you.  Hard working small businesses with big dreams.  I love them!!!

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