Friday, April 22, 2011

Send me an angel..... Todd Frank Nelson

I got in touch with an old friend on Facebook the other day.  We used to play together when we were little.  He is an actor now in Hollywood.... but, both of our families grew up in West Seattle, near West Seattle High School.   

He asked how my brothers were.  I have 2 brothers.  Todd is my older brother, and Nick, my younger.  He hadn’t heard that Todd passed away some years ago.   I know he was sadden to hear the news but not shocked.  Todd was an amazingly talented artist and a beautiful person.  But he felt things deeply, and intensely.  This made him an incredible poet and musician.  He could put into words, feeling that can not be explained.

I think of him every day.  He touched so many lives.  I named my son after him.  A friend of his wrote a song about him.  I will try and figure out how to post it here.......

I think today I will create some kind of tribute of my own.  Todd was a musician and singer.  He loved coffee like me.  His family and friends were everything to him, but he lived a tragic and hard life.  He was so smart, he blew me away.  His poetry still sings to me.
To anyone that has loved and lost, close your eyes, and send them some love.  I believe they can feel it.

I love you Todd.  Your Memory Lives On.

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