Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why every bride should shop on Etsy

I wish Etsy was around when I was getting married….. I would have had the best of the best, at a fraction of the cost, and made myself and my bridal party feel like royalty.  Don't let this royal wedding spoil your day.  You are the star.  You are the Princess.  Let Etsy and me, (if you give me a chance).  Make you feel like the only bride of the season!!!!
 I make jewelry, so I get the cool task of helping brides make bridesmaids gifts, and the occasionally even the ultimate prize – the bridal jewelry.  What most brides don’t even know, is that I make super yummy gifts for them, as a thank you for their business.What is even cooler is that a lot of other shops do too!!!!  Not only do you get a handmade artisan product from a craftsperson in the USA – but you get it wrapped, and special goodies.  I went to the local mall’s jewelry shop and got bleh for the same price…wrapped myself and no special yummies for me.
I say this…   Brides, BE PICKY!!!  Find your bridal jewelry, favors and apparel GO TO ETSY!!!!  It is so awesome.   The best kept secret in bridal land!!!

I am off to take a pampering “Girl Bath”  Thank you Tallulah's Soaps)

Hold my calls.....
<3  u all….

Ohhh – and here is my newest treasury. A Cinderella Story

Love all things wedding – especially ROYAL!  XOXO


  1. very cool post! i eloped but still spent the weeks before the wedding favoriting tons of etsy stuff. it definitely is a must for any bride to be:)

  2. Hope he made you feel like a Princess!!!

  3. Regarding wedding dresses on Etsy... is it a lot of work to sort out the sweatshop knockoffs from mass retailers overseas?